AresOne 2014, indieGO appstore and more

This year Broadway will be back. More importantly I will introduce the 1.0 release. See attached Roadmap for details.

Also this year we will open the first true App-Store for AROS and Amiganoid-systems.
It derives from our „failed but not stopped“ retro gaming system called indieGO!
This way all target systems including indieGO will benefit from the same software and media portfolio. Content-creators will benefit from being able to reach all niche systems at once as:
AmigaOS 3x/4.x, AROS 68k/i386, MorphOS, AEROS ARMhf/i386/PPC and mega nerd Systems as Windows XP, OS X(PPC/intel) and Linux ARMhf/ppc/i386

We hope that we can provide you new stuff and a central place for all your nerdy stuff you need too survive in todays mainstream world.

Devs and contents creators are invited to start uploading. It is free until you sell a product. There are no registration or hosting fees.

The official developer support forum can be found here:

IGO.... hmm... what is igo?
Well we like package managers.. if you tried linux, maybe debian, you know what a „.deb“ is. A „.igo“ will be same but offers also more.
We will introduce them as well and they are not platform agnostic. You can create a igo per platform or a single igo for multiple platform depending of its content. A classic ROM of a Game can be used on multiple platforms for example. A dev could define a dependency per platform (emulator in that case).

Oh dependencies.. yep „.igo“’s will have defined dependencies and also defined „optional components“. This means that if you download for example „Beneath a step sky game data“, the system will tell you that you need SCUMMVM to play it and it will download it as well.
The opposite happens when you download SCUMMVM. The system will allow you to download „optional components“ like Beneath a Steel Sky and or Flight of the Amazon queen.

Back to Broadway, my first Distro based on native i386 AROS, it means that I will include the indieGO!-Appstore as mainframe for the user to update, enhance and personalize his Version of AROS Broadway.

Basically everyone could build his own AROS flavor from scratch with only the App Store put on a nightly.
Well don’t expect that it will be ready at launch but it comes during the year.

Another useful feature of our App Store is the „synchronization“ of your computers/tablets/console.
If you go to another computer you can just do a synch to get all your purchased stuff downloaded to that machine.
Depending on licenses it may be that some apps will check if there is a valid user account on that system to prevent piracy.

Broadway 086 from january 13 will be back soon. Than follows Broadway EEE Edition optimized for EEE PC’s, than Broadway 1.0 preview 1

My shop will be soon filled with more Amiga and AROS related stuff.
Already „new“ are the AresOne 2014 which is also „indieGO!-certified“ (easy since it is from me ; ) ) and can be pimped up to a Steam/indieGO-Box

On the AEROS side I will target further the Raspberry Pi and the Odroid U3 which is on par with a SAMSUNG S3 performance wise.. Quadcore!

Best Regards,

AresOne Armed and dangerous : p

AresOne ARM

AEROS for Raspberry Pi (beta1)

all invited with a login can now try the first Pi- Image done on a real Pi.
The last one was like an alpha and was done in qemu.
There will be from now on a „weekly“ image of AEROS for Pi.
You don’t need to download an entire image next time. Just grab the update packages.
Remember you are free to share the login with friends.

Get it now

Fabios new Puzzle Game for all Amigans!

Fabio Falcucci and Pascal Papara are proud to announce the immediate availability of G.E.M.Z. for all major operating systems.
G.E.M.Z. is a puzzle game with an original and addictive gameplay, an original story behind and a massive 43 minutes of original soundtrack.
It's available in four languages: english, german, french and italian.
Extract of the story:
"You are Rubin,the bravest knight of the GemLand kingdom, and you have to save the princess Esmeralda kidnapped by her evil sister Zirconia, unfortunatly Zirconia has casted on you an evil spell and now you have to escape from the G.E.M.Z. dimension in order to free Esmeralda or Zirconia will transform her sister into a diamond statue to claim the GemLand throne owned by Esmeralda."
You have to solve a number of puzzles to escape from the G.E.M.Z. dimension and free Esmeralda.
The game comes with five difficulty levels:
Easy : 16 levels
Normal : 36 levels
Hard : 49 levels
Insane : 81 levels
Madness : 169 levels

Original Gameplay
Original soundtrack (about 43 minutes)
Hundreds of randomly generated levels for hours of pure fun
Scalable graphics to run smoothless on slow cpus or old computers
Can run windowed or fullscreen
Addictive Gameplay

A demo version is available at the game site with a limited play time of five minutes.

Windows (7, Vista, XP)
MacOSX PPC and Intel (OSX 10.4 or greater)
AROS i386
Linux (i386 and PPC)

CONTACTS Fabio Falcucci : Pascal Papara : G.E.M.Z. Site :

See for more informations and to get the demo!

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