The logo contest is over and the winner is....

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Stay tuned for more.....
next step is flashing those Bios-chips an sending a ArosOne to the team of AmigaFuture.

Hardware specs of the basic model

After some calculations here are some details of the ArosOne:

  • Miditower (white or piano black) -you can find some shaky shots in the gallery
  • AMD Sempron64 3200+ (up to Athlon64X2 6000+)
  • 1GB Ram DDR2 667 (up to 8GB DDR2 800)
  • 80GB HD (optional more)
  • Ati X300 128MB for future Gallium3D support (optional you can get another card from different vendors)
  • DVD/RW
  • 3,5" Diskdrive for future catweasel-support

The price for the basic Version + A-live + legal Kickstart and Workbenchfiles will be around 249€(it is possible that i will use a faster CPU for this price, or i lower it, there is enough time to decide)

What you will get:
Pre-installed Icaros with sound and ethernet supported
Free future Bios-Updates

25 Percent of the money i get will be completly used to support AROS development. One of my target is to get Catweasel supported until june 2010. AresOne owners will get it as cheap as possible. The other part of the earnings will go in AresOne related projects and will also support AROS developers.

Stay tuned for the Logo and first videos coming soon......


Hey guys,

just look at this quotation from


Yes - this is hardware rendering :) I assume that 80-90% of current driver capabilities already work correclty under AROS. The "current driver capabilities" means what is already implemented in the gallium3d nvidia driver itself - and remember that those drivers are still considered largly work in progress.

The driver itself is not yet a HIDD, it does not support multiple clients, etc so there is still a lot of work to be done to have it properly merged into driver system AROS.

If you liked the results, please consider supporting the bounty:"

Please think about a donation!

Btw Krzystof Smiechowicz would do a port of the Ati-Drivers so you can use Gallium3D with your AresOne soon. I will support him....